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Now that the novel is over, blogging is also over. You will receive one bonus point for each day that you participated in the blog. Any comments left from here on will NOT count towards bonus. Thank you to those of you who made this a successful activity. I just wish that more of your classmates would have been interested and participated more. But…I did enjoy reading your comments and thought that we had a fabulous online discussion!!


The End

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What was your favorite part of the book…explain why?

Chapters 21 – 22

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What do you think is the Weapon?

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If today’s world was destroyed, what part do you hope could be salvaged for the generations that rebuild? (It could be a location, landmark, geographic feature, etc.) Explain why this place is important.

Chapter 18

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Who do you think wrote the message across the pavement in the plaza?

Chapters 17 – 18

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How do you think the village of Sparks compares to other villages that are out there?

Chapters 13 – 15

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Ok…I want to hear your opinions about Torren’s temper tantrum and how Doon is getting blamed for it!!