Chapters 4 – 5

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If you were one of the leaders, would you allow the Emberites to stay in Sparks? What argument would you use to support this decision?

  1. Ariana:) says:

    I would let them in and stay. I say this because what reason did I have not to. I mean if it was me I their possion I would want someone to help me. Also I would worry about not having enough food but I would make them work just like the rest of the sparks. I mean human kindness.

    • Ariana:) says:

      Plus what did they do to me except ask for help.!.!

      • Kiana says:

        True, but I’m kind of mean. Ummm I would say that we don’t have enough food alone and now that there is 400 extra pple they would all starve. I would prob let them stay for a little and feed them all the sow them how to pick berries and stuff and send them to another land…good answer though, I get how you sed wat u would do if you were in their posistion…now I changed my mind (thanks ana you juss ruined my day)…umm I would prob do something like the leaders decided to do-show them how to survive (which i dont have alot of know-how for) then let them make your own community. (:

      • nick says:

        love your answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i agree 2,000 percent!

  2. Kiana says:

    i meant…now that there is 400 extra people WE would all starve…sorry

  3. Ariana:) says:

    Like I know what you mean but it seems weird because karma can come back arround and bite ya.

  4. mariel says:

    I would allow them to stay. I say this because where else would they go? How would they survive without knowing how to farm? They would die way too easily, and when they are strong, and able to leave they would make good allies. The only thing I’d wory about is the food shotage, but with them helping it would be worth it.

  5. makayla says:

    I would exactly say yes. I would allow them to stay for a little bit. You kno and like tach them basic things that thy need to know. you have toput yourself in there shoes. I woluld want peole to help me out if i was them. they could stay untill they are ready to move out on there own. Although it will be hard because there isnt alot of room and food. they will have to work for the things they need. Familys here will have to share houses i guess. mhmmmmmmm that doesnt sound like a good answer. 😦

  6. Carmilla(: says:

    YES YES!!!!! I’d feel so very bad and i happen to be really gullible at time so i’d believe they came from underground plus their sick.

  7. makayla says:

    i meant i woudn ‘t exactly say yes. and teach not tach and the not thy. sorry my keyboard is bad.

  8. makayla says:

    ikr! people can be so mean! they only think about them selves

  9. makayla says:

    woudnt it be crazy if there was a world above us. like they were down on us through a hole. that be so crazy. imagine it!!!!!!!

  10. makayla says:

    * i mean if there were people looking down on us though a hole. *so sorryy AGAIN!!!!!! HAHA :’)

  11. makayla says:

    OMG ohio?….Mississippi?…..allegheny? Missouri? and many more! so many to choose from! we need directions! lets hope brae or mali dont chew on it tho! lol

  12. makayla says:

    lyk poppy did of course lol

  13. makayla says:

    my mom said there ACUALLY migt be u never no! and we are getting a lil off topic. sorry mrs. mumford!!!!!!!!! mmmmmmmmm not really tho if u think bout it cuz wer talkin bout the book butrelating it to our world. lyk a connection! *hint hint! ( i used a log word) smart!!!!!!!!

  14. Carmilla(: says:

    (I’m like in love with this book already i feel like finishing it tonight!) and yes i i would let the ember people stay i’d feel so bad for them and synpothy is the best way to convince people. lol

  15. Carmilla(: says:


  16. nick says:

    I would let them stay for maybe a year and then maybe they would set up a village close to us so we could help each other out?. i dont know if they can do that but oh well.

  17. Michael Duncan says:

    I would start by helping the emberites start their own village. That way they can teach the emberites how to do things by helping them grow their own crops since it seems like it is spring. And help them build their town so the emberites aren’t just left out in the winter by their selves without food or shelter.

  18. Tony says:

    I would let them stay because they could be a help to the city by doing some of the cities duties and they will also learn a different way of living

  19. jodi says:

    i would let them stay only if they build there own houses……andd if they work in da field for the food.. 🙂

  20. maryann says:

    I would let them stay because i think it is stupid to make them leave durring the winter. I mean how would you all feel if you were abandoned in the winter not knowing how to survive?

  21. felicia says:

    I would let the emberites stay…it’s kind. I would want someone to do that for me and my village if i needed it. what is rude is why are the people of sparks making them leave right at winter?? They think they aren’t going to survive as it is so why send them out when it’s even harder to survive????

  22. NaTe K. says:

    I would let them all live for as they said, 6 months at our city then they are on there own, But I wouldnt say you have to leave our city because they could be helpful. The only thing the Emberites would have to do is either build a house, or fix up da hotel. They would also have to provide for themselves.

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