Chapter 10

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

On page 126, what do you think the shopkeeper was going to say when he said, “The most helpful thing you people could do would be to…well, nevermind.”?

  1. felicia says:

    I think the shopkeeper was going to say “the most helpful thing you people could do would be to just leave”

  2. mariel says:

    I agree with Felicia when the shopkeeper was going to tell them to leave.

  3. felicia says:

    obviously it couldn’t be anything else. The Emberites are doing work and other things but it’s not making the people of sparks happy. They have less food for their own families less space. It’s just annoying to everyone. So the only thing they really want from the Emberiets is for them to leave. (sorry for anything spelled wrong haha 🙂 )

    • makayla says:

      ikr! i agree! the embrites is tring so hard and pushing them self to learn things of the real world. i think he wants them to leave now because he knows that they r not ready to go out on there own. he seems inconsedarate lyk thatt 🙂 sorry for my spelling

      • nick says:

        He also thinks they are all dumb, but if the people of sparks had to go to ember for rescue, the emberites could think they are dumb because they have none of the knowledge they have. so you have to think of someone else before you open your mouth! (Like my life lesson???? 😉

  4. felicia says:

    haha….lovely life lesson nick 😀 i agree with you!!! because the emberities also had electricity and the people of sparks didn’t. The emberities may be dumb compared to the people of sparks but they were smart in ways that the people of sparks weren’t

  5. makayla says:

    haha. i agrree nick!!!!!!!!!!! i really lyk how u siad that. n ya i luv ya life lesson lol

  6. makayla says:

    n felicia too haha. 🙂

  7. Carmilla(: says:

    to just get out of here!!!!

  8. felicia says:

    simple answer carmen haha 🙂 but so true. i agree!!

  9. Michael says:

    I also agree that all he wants the emberites to do is leave.

  10. Danielle says:

    I agree he was going to say leave.It was very rude.

  11. makayla says:

    no ?’s for chp 11 n 12 😦

  12. felicia says:

    Yay!!! the question is up for chapter’s 11- 12 😀 I don’t know about you guys but i love this book!! It’s actually not at all what i would expect it to be…it’s amazing!!

  13. Ariana:) says:

    i think he was going to say….
    “To leave us alone and go bother somebody else.”

  14. NaTe K. says:

    I agree with everyone, but maybe the shopkeeper caught himself because before he said leave, hee might have thought the emberites would be helpful in the near future.

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